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what is is a shared linux box that gives SSH access and a web site to users. anyone who wants to write code, build websites, host a blog, or chat with other users is free to do so.

we run Fedora Server 35

who runs this?

the server is run by ~hiroantag.

what can I do with an account

All sorts of things! You can write pages for the web and the emerging gemini protocol. you can use it as a way to learn the linux command line. you can chat with other users over IRC, through internal email, and even directly on the command line. you can program in a variety of languages.

what CAN'T I do with an account

the rules are pretty simple

how do I get in touch

you can send an email to or by PMing hiroantag on the IRC. write if you have any problems with the server or want to request a package

new users

Logging in

once your new account is approved you can access the server from any terminal with


alternatively you can use mosh (MObile SHell), a remote terminal that supports intermittent connections and local echo, with


you will need a recent version of mosh installed. the version in most package managers is years out of date so your best bet is to install the latest source from github.

mosh github page

for people new to the server the first thing you'll want to do is update your personal site. the web version is contained in public_html and hosted at{your username}. edit index.html with any text editor (I prefer vim but nano is easier to pick up). you can edit your gemini capsule by going into public_gemini/ and changing index.gmi.

if you need a introduction to gemtext markup check here. to view gemini content you'll need a dedicated client. check out a list here.

next create a .project file in your home directory. This gets automatically scraped periodically and listed on the homepage. make sure you get the format right. if you want the homepage to say

~user is creating great software

then you would write just

creating great software

in your .project file

from here you're free to hack away to your heart's content!


the server has IRC. if you'd like to connect from the command line, the weechat client is installed. Run weechat and add the server with the /server add retrace command. Now you'll only need to type /connect retrace in the future to connect.

you can also use the built in communication tools in linux. w allows you to see who's online, and you can enter a two way chat with the write {user} command.

easier blogging

The server has a tool called crosspub that lets users easily set up a site on both http:// and gemini://. For more info on setup check out the README on github.